How to respond to an invitation to join a home?

You have just received an email inviting you to join a home like this:


invitation par email à rejoindre un domicile

If you already have a famiDesk accountJust click on the red "Reply to invitation" button and authenticate to answer them.

If you had to create your account and that you have followed the registration process, you wonder how to respond to the invitation?

There is two ways to answer them

  • Return in the email of the invitation to click on the red button "Respond to the invitation"
  • Authenticate and display the list of homes in famiDesk

We will detail the second method:

In you loginyou will arrive directly in the list of homes. It is necessary search for the gray thumbnail with the invitation waiting.

Répondre invitation

In  clicking on the gray thumbnailyou can then respond to the invitation. A window like the one below will appear for you to answer.

Who can access my famiDesk home?

Who can access my famiDesk home?

Caregivers who have access to a home have:

  • the home, they have de facto the status of coordinator
  • either they were invited by a coordinator to join the home.

Access to a home is not in "public" mode so open as usual in social networks. We must therefore invite carers who are free to accept or refuse the invitation.

To remove a caregiver from a home, you must be a coordinator and go to the caregiver's detailed file to click on the "Remove the caregiver" link. The rescued caregiver may continue to use famiDesk and visit the other homes for which he is active but will no longer be able to go to the one where the coordinator removed him from the list of carers.

What is a famiDesk home?

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